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In the 1980s a new generation of pirate radio stations exploded on to Britain's FM airwaves. Unlike their seafaring swinging 60s forerunners, these pirates broadcast from London's estates and tower blocks to create a platform for black music in an era when it was shut out by legal radio and ignored by the mainstream music industry.


The Godfather of British rap, Rodney P, explores an alternative version of reality as seen through the lens of Hip-Hop culture.


George the Poet performs a poem in remembrance of Stephen Lawrence. Produced for the SL20 celebrations in Wembley Arena, broadcast on BBC1.

Series Producer

Robbie Lyle from AFTV hosts the high energy, studio based football debate show, 'Made for the fans, by the fans!' Channel 4. 



KINGMAKERS is an independent production company founded by Film maker & Author Vanessa Van-Yeboah. In her prolific career as a Broadcast Professional, Vanessa has Produced and Directed on a variety of programmes including the award-winning TV series’ 24 Hours in A&E, 24 Hours Police Custody, One Born Every Minute and Big Brother.


Vanessa has worked with The Obama Foundation, Produced and Directed on Feature length documentaries for the BBC, Factual series for Channel 4, MTV music shows & Independent documentary and Drama films. She is currently writing her second novel, a sci-fi adventure, The Fears.


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            K.I.N.G. A social enterprise by Kingmakers to Inspire & Nurture Greatness in the Broadcast Arts for young people from diverse and alternative backgrounds. 


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A charitable organisation working with developing communities across the globe.


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